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4K gradually breaks through. After the Toshiba Satellite P50t with Ultra HD, Acer now launches a device in the high-resolution market.

You buy this laptop because of the screen, which redeems all 4K-related expectations. The 15.6 inch display is 3840 x 2160 pixels. Thanks to that resolution, text is particularly sharp.

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When does a laptop become too cheap to be still qualitative? Toshiba touch that line with the Satellite Radius 11, a small hybrid laptop with touch screen that does double duty as a laptop.

Along the outside, Radius 11 strongly reflects on the netbooks of the past, and that brings terrifying connotations. The era of the netbooks were not the high days of the Windows laptops. Does the Radius do it better?

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Sometimes you're looking for nothing more than a good laptop. Touch Screens, hybrids and 4K are all nice, but not everyone is looking for something special. Who wants sober and robust, is at the right place at the Zenbook from Asus. Unnecessary extras should not be expected here. No touch screen, but there is an SSD.

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Samsung Smartphone

Galaxy Ace 4

The Galaxy Ace 4 is just about the hardest budget smartphone to evaluate. Its small 4 inch screen format is no longer of this time, just like the 800x480 pixel resolution, yet screen quality is good enough for a pleasant experience.

Is there also so much information on your iPad? Then it is useful to make a regular copy of all that data. So at least you will not lose important data / stuff.

Backing up the data on an iPad can be done in two ways: via the computer and via

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