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Nokia Smartphone


Lumia 635

The Nokia Lumia 630 is an excellent budget phone that continues the story of the Lumia 520. The smartphone has some clear improvements like a more powerful processor that puts it above its predecessor.

That Windows Phone 8.1 runs on the device is a big plus. The mobile operating system seems finally to have grown up with it and must, except in terms of available apps are no longer inferior to Android and iOS.
The Lumia 630 is cheap and easy, and like its predecessor, excellent for anyone who wants a smartphone but can not handle it (yet). Also for those who want nothing more than a good budget smartphone, with which they are connected to the usual social media, there is no need to look further than this device.
However, there are also disadvantages: Especially the screen resolution is disappointing, and the lack of a light is a minor handicap. Furthermore, the 630 is not that spectacular. But that does not have to be because it's a budget model, but it makes sure there is no reason to recommend this device beyond the undeniably important, decent value for money. Especially in combination with 4G, this is a very competitive price. Is 4G less important? Then you can see if the Lumia 630, which is 30 euros cheaper, is still available in a store.

169 euros (at time of writing)
+ Colored covers; 4G; Price / quality.
- Screen quality; No LED flash.

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Acer smartphone


Liquid E700

This must be the very first time that we have a device in our hands in which three SIM cards fit. Ideal for your work and private subscription, and a holiday card for cheap mobile internet abroad.

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Backing up the data on an iPad can be done in two ways: via the computer and via

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