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Viruses are annoying animals that is sometimes very hard to get rid off. Antivirus software can usually help you out of need, but sometimes it's stubborn. Then the FixMeStick comes in handy.

Moret BG
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Category: Our websites is a website with articles, info and tips on cleaning computers and peripherals. The articles on are designed to be understood by beginners as well. The articles have where possible pictures to make it even clearer.

So if your PC gets too hot or Windows is too slow then

Category: Smartphone

LG Smartphone

L Bello

Granted, it's not the best name that LG could give to this device, but we were particularly concerned about the poor resolution of the 5 inch screen: 854x480 pixels.

Unfairly turns out, because we could not believe our eyes: the excellent screen quality can camouflage the low resolution without

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