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Category: Our websites is a website with articles, info and tips on cleaning computer hardware and related peripherals. The articles on are designed to be understood by beginners. The articles may also have pictures to make it even clearer.

So if your computer or hardware gets too hot, your peripherals will not

Category: Hardware


Looking for a good, compact and nice looking label printer, then the Icon is a good choice.


The Leitz Icon is a compact, pleasant looking and smooth working
Label printer - nothing more but certainly nothing less.

It is certainly not an item that is useful to anyone, but for example,

Category: Hardware



The Yotaphone has two screens: a plain screen at the front and an e-ink screen at the back. A great idea, but this device is very disappointing.

Well started, half won, so is the saying. That a spectacular start does not guarantee the second half of that victory, however, proves the

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